Mobil 1 partners with RPPL to Power Up the Streets of India with Exhilarating Motorsport Roadshow !

Mobil 1 partners with RPPL to Power Up the Streets of India with Exhilarating Motorsport Roadshow
Mobil 1, in partnership with Racing Promotions Pvt Ltd (RPPL), successfully concluded the Bengaluru roadshow of F4 and Indian Racing League (IRL) cars ahead of the upcoming racing championship. Turning the streets of Bengaluru into a vibrant arena of specialized breathtaking performances and precision driving, the event marked a significant highlight in the ongoing partnership of Mobil 1 with RPPL, aimed at nurturing and promoting motorsport culture in India.
Spectators in Bengaluru were treated with a preview of the upcoming racing championship season, witnessing a dynamic display of IRL and Formula 4 cars operated by emerging motorsport talents –Sohil Shah, one of the two champions of IRL 2023, and Rishon Rajeev, Formula 4 Vice Champion. As these cars thundered along the KTPO Convention Centre, people from diverse backgrounds gathered in large numbers, drawn by the powerful engines and thrilling action against the city’s bustling backdrop.
The roadshow not only delighted local spectators with a taste of professional motorsport but also celebrated Mobil 1’s 50 years of innovation and leadership in synthetic motor oils, highlighting its ongoing contributions to automotive and industrial advancements in India. While the Bengaluru roadshow witnessed the debut of the golden Mobil 1 emblem for 50 years, the brand plans to feature a series of specially designed liveries and other highlights from Mobil 1’s extensive racing history, celebrating its legacy.
“The Mobil 1 brand’s journey through the last 50 years is a testament to ExxonMobil’s ability to push boundaries and become the trusted choice of leading automakers, professional racers, and millions of drivers worldwide. The Mobil 1 -RPPL show run is not just an event; it’s a celebration of the spirit of motorsports. By bringing the action right to the city streets, we aim to bring to the fans an up-close and personal experience of the world of racing. This event marks a significant milestone in our ongoing collaboration with RPPL, a key player in advancing motorsports in India with our partnership significantly contributing to the growing enthusiasm and support for motorsports nationwide”, said Vipin Rana, CEO of ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt. Ltd.
“We are thrilled with the success of the Bengaluru show run, which kicked off our nationwide series in grand style. This event showcased the thrill and excitement of motorsports directly to the community, amplifying their anticipation for the full championship season. Mobil 1 has been instrumental in bringing this vision to life, and together, we are committed to further enriching India’s motorsport landscape. As we gear up for upcoming roadshows, we are excited to continue this journey, inspiring a new generation of motorsport fans and participants across the country”, said Akhilesh Reddy, Chairman of Racing Promotions Private Limited.
Following the resounding success of the exhilarating Bengaluru roadshow, Mobil 1 and RPPL are poised to expand the series, bringing the same thrilling display of speed, precision, and motor prowess to the streets of Mumbai, Chennai and other parts of India in the upcoming months. This initiative highlights Mobil 1 and RPPL’s dedication to enriching India’s motorsport culture and creating platforms that entertain and inspire the next generation of motorsport enthusiasts.