Siemens introduces Sustainable solution to recycle used tyres by RE-TYRE !

Siemens has recently introduced Re-Tyre , a UK based technology company aimed at bringing a greener revolution in the tire industry worldwide. RE-TYRE presents FDPT, a patented technology, which is a sustainable solution to reduce the carbon footprint in the Tyre Indistry. Re-Tyre has developed a Machine that converts scrap / rejects tires into zero waste, 100% recycled, clean and separate product called ACTIVE-R.

Another highlight of this machine is that it doesn’t require any big infrastructure or logistics, it only needs water, electricity and internet accessibility to run. This event as attended by the R&D heads of Apollo Tyres, Continental Tyres, TVS Tyres, Goodyear, Deloitte, Yokohama and many other the major industry leaders who experience the texture of ACTIVE-R, which is the ready ingredient to make fresh tires.

This machine has been developed by RE-TYRE in United Kingdom after stringent research of 15+ years at the Imperial College London. Being of Indian Origin, The Founders of RE-TYRE Mr. Shravan Bansal & Mr. Sanchit Bansal, have set an ambitions target to commence the mass production of the machine in India with a vision to make India the first country to get a Red-Zone Industry into Green Zone by zeroing down the PCR tires scrapes into 100% sustainable ingredient.

Mr. Shravan Bansal said “We would like to first introduce this technology to all Tyre manufacturers for their factory rejects as they can optimise the final produce according to their desired composition. The technology then can further be handed-down to their dealer network as well.”

The Event was attended by Mr. Peter Haan – Head Global Business Development, VM Tire Siemens, Mr. Leo Arul – Head VM Tire, Siemens India and Ms. Ankita Kambale – Vertical Business Development Manager, Siemens Digital Industries and many more.